Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn [EU] [ISO]

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Game Name Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn
Type PS3 ISO
Language English
Release Date July 1, 2014
Genre Action, Hack 'n Slash
Size 9,1 GB

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Experience the thrill of piloting Mobile Suits through famous scenes spanning multiple Gundam anime series in the action-packed thrill ride Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn. Relive the exciting battles and animation sequences with the largest roster of Mobile Suits seen and the largest number of missions ever spanning the entire Gundam series including Mobile Suit Gundam SEED in Official Mode. Fans can also select Mobile Suit pilots to operate any unlocked Mobile Suit in the game for crossover missions in Ultimate Mode. Gundam Reborn will also allow players to control massive Mobile Armor units for the first time in the series. Mobile Armor units tower over the opposition and deliver absolute destruction to the enemy with the Mobile Armor’s unique weapons.

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