Berserk Musou + DLC [JPN] [PSN]

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Game Name Berserk Musou
Type PS3 PSN
Language Japan
Release Date October 27, 2016
Genre Action-role, Hack n' Slash
Size 13 GB

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Berserk Musou + FIX & DLC - NPJB00818 - Mirror GDrive Link 

About :

This story is set in a time of chaos, in a land where the Midland Kingdom and the Chuder Empire have been locked in a widespread war for over one hundred years. During one battle, a lone mercenary, Guts, attracts the attention of the mercenaries of the Band of the Hawk, and is ambushed by some of them on the road. After losing in a duel to the leader of the Hawks, Griffith, Guts is forced to join their band, where he acquires many new comrades, including a woman named Casca, a Unit Commander in the band.

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