Final Fantasy Classic Collection [US] [PSN]

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Game Name Final Fantasy Collection
Type PS3 PSN
Language English
Release Date Varies
Genre RPG
Size Varies

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Final Fantasy V - NPUJ00879

Final Fantasy VI - NPUJ00900

Final Fantasy VII - NPUJ94163

Final Fantasy VIII - NPUJ00892

Final Fantasy IX - NPUJ01251

Final Fantasy Tactics - NPUJ94221

About :

It is a Japanese role-playing game series with varying gameplay, settings and stories between each installment, retaining plot and gameplay elements throughout, focusing on fantasy and science fantasy settings. Though the core series is a role-playing game franchise, it has branched into other genres, such as MMORPGs, tactical role-playing games, action role-playing games, and fighting games. The series has been distributed on many platforms, beginning with the Nintendo Entertainment System, and including consoles, computers, and mobile operating systems. The series has also branched into other forms of media, particularly films, novels, and manga.

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