Asura's Wrath - All DLC Episode [US/EU]

Asura's Wrath
Region Available
US / EU (Tutorial)
Game Release Date
February 21, 2012
Game Genre
Action, Cinematic
DLC Size
4+ GB

Download for BLUS30721 :

Install Guide for BLES01227 :

  1. Install game update 1.02 for your version.
  2. Install BLUS30721 DLC Episodes.
  3. Move or copy USRDIR folder from BLUS30721 DLC to your BLES01227 game update USRDIR folder. Confirm "Yes" to overwrite notice.
    Path: /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30721/USRDIR/ to /dev_hdd0/game/BLES01227/USRDIR/
  4. Install BLES01227 DLC FIX.
  5. Delete BLUS30721 folder after you have moved/copied DLC files to free space on PS3.

Get Game Here - BLUS30721

Get Game Here - BLES01227

DLC Content :

  1. Lost Episode 1 "At Last, Someone Angrier Than Me
  2. Lost Episode 2 "The Strongest vs. The Angriest"
  3. Episode 11.5 "Forging Ahead"
  4. Episode 15.5 "Defiance"
  5. Episodes 19-22 - Part IV "Nirvana"

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