Fist of the North Star : Ken's Rage - All DLC [EU/US]

Fist of the North Star : Ken's Rage
Region Available
Game Release Date
March 25, 2010
Game Genre
Beat 'em Up
DLC Size
0,2 GB

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All DLC Fix

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DLC Content :

  1. 2 new missions, fight against Jagi's forces, and against the four mighty heroes, Ryuga, Fudo, Juza and Toki.
  2. 2 new missions, defeat 5 bosses on your own, or team up to battle 3 bosses and take ownership of a new food supply.
  3. 2 new missions, battle to escape Amiba's grasp, or fight to escape a deadly trap set by Thouzer and Juda.
  4. 2 new missions, face off against the most powerful fighters in the world, or choose sides with either Hokuto or Nanto forces for an epic final showdown.
  5. 1 new mission, protect the innocent from King's attacking army.
  6. New playable characters : Heart, Outlaw
  7. Original Comic Costume Set : Kenshiro, Raoh, Jagi, Toki, Shin, Thouzer

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